CHRISTMAS 2015 Franklin & Betty Parker, Fletcher House, Uplands Village, PO Box 406, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578

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Franklin & Betty Parker, Fletcher House, Uplands Village, PO Box 406, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578

Married June 12, 1950 (65 years). At Uplands 21 years.

*JAN. 29, 2015: New Uplands van was dedicated, with Frank’s picture, head and shoulders in swimming pool, on outside Van window.

*FEB. 22 through early March: Local historic ice Storm made national news, electricity off, many trees down; many cleanup volunteers from several states came to help. Fletcher House (where we live) bedded and fed over 25 neighboring elders from heatless-fallen-tree-ruined homes. Looking back it was a heart-warming help-your-neighbor community experience.    

*MAY 16: Uplands band played at Pleasant Hill Spring Festival, with Frank as chief drummer.

*JUNE 15: Our Book Review given in Fletcher’s Adshead auditorium, titled: “Minorities’ Protests in the 1960s, the 20th Century Most Tumultuous Decade,” was about civil rights protests, sit-ins at segregated lunch rooms, freedom riders, protest marches, race riots, Latino protests, women’s lib–all resisted by segregationists. Review included Congressional Civil Rights and Voting acts redress sought and partly won by M.L. King, Pres. JFKennedy, Pres. LBJohnson, others. Our special guests included our nieces Micki and Diana. For full reading copy on your computer browser, copy and click on (short wait):  

or copy and click on (short wait):

For most of our (Franklin and Betty J. Parker) writings, some of which can be fully read, copy  and paste on computer browser, then click on (short wait):

or (on browser, click (short wait):

*JUNE 17: Enjoyed Betty’s sister Letha Conrad’s visit (from Sedona, AZ), for a week in Pleasant Hill and in Sparta (where brother-in-law George Weber lives).

*JUNE 22: George Weber drove Letha, Betty, and Frank to Athens, Ala. to lunch with cousins (Gentrys and Orrs). We then drove to Decatur, Ala. visited friend Dilsie Williams and family and enjoyed Dilsie’s daughter Bessie Matthews’ companionship and delicious food.

*AUG. 26: Ensemble Band Concert (Frank on drums), played at Wharton Homes, our Uplands nursing care unit.

*NOV. 26: On card placed on Fletcher THANKSGIVING tree in dining room, Frank wrote: “Grateful for: 1-Life. 2-Beauty of nature: earth, sky moon, sunshine, flowers, birds and other creatures. 3-Loved ones, especially wife Betty, family, special friends who helped us along life’s way.  4-Blessed opportunities which came our way. 5-Blessed as Americans with free speech, democracy, and opportunity. 6-Deep longing for peace, justice, and plenty for all, everywhere, no exceptions.”

*Nov. 26: Uplands Thanksgiving Community Dinner, Adshead. Our guests were: George Weber and Emily Weber Hayden.

*Dec. 10: Frank’s performance with bells at Wharton Home to tune of “jingle bells.”

*Dec. 25: Christmas at Fletcher House.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL.

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